Building a Porsche branded dealership

When it comes to renovating an existing Porsche store or building a new facility, AutoStone provides you the best solutions for all areas of your dealership.  AutoStone is an approved vendor on your Porsche program.  From showroom, service drive and shop floors, AutoStone products provide you the best permanent floor system for all areas of your Porsche dealership.

Porsche NA, choose AutoStone to be their floor system provider for the new Manhattan Porsche store.  This new store is scheduled to open in early fall 2015.  See why we are not only a recommended floor system for Porsche, but the floor system provider Porsche choose for this facility.

Reasons why AutoStone should be your Porsche facility choice:

  • AutoStone is only Porsche approved flooring company who can provide you all your tile products.  One source, one purchase, simple solution.
  • When installed by AutoStone Floor Systems experts, comes with the best automotive 7-year warranty.  Protect your investment.
  • Porsche projects require a much higher than average skill-set and craftsmanship to install these premium materials.  AutoStone has installed more Porsche projects than anyone.  AutoStone is the brand that automotive dealers choose the most.
  • AutoStone stocks Porsche materials, we can respond quicker, faster and deliver a better facility.
  • Our driveseries! floor system is a significant advancement in floor system technology.  Include driveseries! in your Porsche service lane.  Superior technology.
  • There is a difference in the vendor you choose.  With AutoStone, you have the proven automotive flooring industry expert.  Better products, better approach and better results.

AutoStone Applications

  • Showroom
  • Service Drive
  • Shop Floors
AutoStone has brand compliant products for these areas.