A permanent enhanced porcelain technology floor tile and system for use in automotive workshop and climate controlled service drive environments.

Manage STF Enviromental Risk

AutoStone proposes our clinkershop tiles, designed and manufactured specifically for Jaguar Land Rover.  This clinkershop tile for your JLR service drive can help you manage STF (slip, trip and fall) risk events with proper cleaning procedures, spill management practices and good management practices to better manage climate events which elevate STF risk.   This service and workshop floor system has been successfully installed in a number of JLR installations and dealers love the performance of AutoStone clinkershop.

Medium Traction Surface Rating

Brand programs encourage making your service facility viewable to the customer. Industry research indicates that professional-looking, clean and tidy service departments improve CSI ratings while enhancing brand perception. AutoStone provides you the best floor system which can deliver a beautiful, durable and clean appearing facility. Your shop is an extension of your showroom, because each positive customer experience leads to increased service revenue and future vehicle sales. AutoStone delivers permanence, performance and appearance.

Ultra-Cleanable Technology

AutoStone’s Clinkershop R-11 SLR tile surface structure provides a surface that helps Jaguar Land Rover dealerships keep a clean appearing facility, with regular cleaning practices. This surface design does not trap or hold-on to rubber transfer, grease, oil or other contaminants, like traditional “sand-paper” textured surfaces.   Additionally, it is an impervious surface, and the definition of an impervious tile is a surface that absorbs moisture between 0.5% to 0.001%.  AutoStone Clinkershop tiles are produced specifically for the Jaguar Land Rover program.  With AutoStone, you are assured that you have a Jaguar Land Rover ARCH compliant facility that meets your JLR program image goal!

AutoStone Aids Dealership
Cleaning Practices

Clean facilities are an essential Jaguar Land Rover brand requirement. A JLR retail and service facility should reflect a clean upscale environment to reflect the quality of the Jaguar Land Rover brand.  The goal is to have a dealership work environment that is maintained in a “like-new” condition for the life of the dealership.  All AutoStone Floor tiles come with the recommendation to use proper cleaning efforts, which include the use of a floor scrubber sweeper machine and wet-vac to suck-up the dirty, contaminated water.  When you choose AutoStone, you receive “life time” technical cleaning assistance.  Let AutoStone help you you deliver the very “Brittish” experience that Jaguar Land Rover is known for!



*Note: Due to supply chain issues, Clinkershop series is facing volatile price increases and extended lead-times.

Series: clinkershop

Surface: SLR Textured

Finish: R-11



*Note: Due to supply chain issues, Clinkershop series is facing volatile price increases and extended lead-times.

Series: clinkershop

Surface: SLR Textured

Finish: R-11

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