If your automotive facility build depends on imported tile, you face significant risk.

On Monday, September 5th, 2022, Russia permanently stopped supplying natural gas to Europe.  All natural gas sent through the Nord Stream 1 Pipeline was  permanently terminated. Energy prices have increased more than 500%. This singular event changes everything and significantly impacts EU tile product pricing, production capabilities, transportation, and trans-ocean shipping. If your brand program, or automotive facility project uses tile produced in the EU  you face significant price increases, prolonged production times, increased transportation costs, and you significant risk. 

AutoStoneUSA is the answer that eliminates supply chain risk. We manufacture automotive brand approved tile materials.  Our materials perform better, are more reliable, more affordable, and are made in America. AutoStoneUSA manufacturing creates American jobs, supports American communities, and increases American infrastructure and investment. Buy smarter, avoid supply-chain disruption, avoid volatile pricing, and buy American made products by AutoStoneUSA.


"Automotive Service Facility Design & Planning Risk Management Guide"

Starting in Summer of 2022, automotive facility design and construction changed.  This change was implemented by the new ANSI A326.3 standard which published new and higher DCOF (dynamic coefficient of friction) requirements for hard surfaces (tile) used in automotive builds. 

Dealership builds face increased STF litigation exposure if you do not adhere, address and comply with the new requirements created by this standard.  There are many facets to this standard which additionally require tile manufacturers to declare that their products are appropriate for the environment of use, and all parties involved with the selection, installation, and use of flooring materials. 

Risk is determined not only by the environment of use, but also your facility design and construction.  As ANSI A326.3.2021.4.1.5 Oils, Grease (O/G) Environment states the following, “Subject to determination by specifier and the criteria in this standard, may include, but are not limited to, level areas regularly exposed to automotive fluids,”

There are no ANSI police, but there are plaintiff attorneys who specialize in STF litigation and if dealerships, architects, builders and contractors don’t properly measure risk, all parties can be involved in costly litigation. 

Download the document to get up to speed on this new standard.  Contact your AutoStoneUSA representative to help you with your facility planning.  Lastly, rest assured that AutoStoneUSA has the right products to support your automotive facility build. 

Clean.Tech Series Performs Better

Clean.Tech series tile performs better.  Cleaner facilities, and overall safer retailing environments.  For your showroom, service drive and workshop.   Call us today.

The Importance of the service drive is often under measured

This small footprint often gets overlooked and underevaluated for it’s importance.  More foot traffic happens in this small area between customers and employees – which impact service and vehicle sales.  Address STF risk and create the best customer experience!

driveseries is just dang sexy!

Fashionable, impressive, and helps manage slip, trip, and fall risk. Driveseries delivers performance, beauty and longevity.

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Build better, build with the best, build with AutoStone!

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– Barry Wells, President of AutoStone

Dealers love us,
brands approve us

Your facility image program is an investment which builds brand loyalty. Your brands’ design intent document (DID) offers multiple approved flooring vendors and products to select from. Sometimes, the best choice is not always apparent to you, your architect or general contractor.  There is a difference in the products, performance, pricing, and vendors. AutoStone delivers better value, savings, service, and support. Build with the best, build with AutoStone.

What Customers Say About AutoStone

There’s no denying the impact AutoStone Floor Systems can have in your dealership but don’t take our word for it. Watch our Testimonial video.

Why AutoStone does Not Use a Sandpaper Surface

Technology that works!  AutoStone researches, investigates and invests in better design, engineering and product.  

Brands Trust And Recommend
AutoStone Most

AutoStone is recommended, listed or approved for more brand image programs than any other floor system provider. To be an approved image program supplier says a lot about the confidence automotive brands have in AutoStone. Brands approve us because we have earned their trust and their dealer’s appreciation. They evaluate our products, pricing, performance and listen to you, our customer. To gain the confidence of the world’s most prestigious brands – you have to be doing many, many things right and AutoStone does. More brands recommend, list or approve AutoStone than any other floor system.

Clean.Tech Series Stands out

Clean.Tech series tile has incredible technological features and saves you money long-term when installed in your showroom, service drive, or workshop. Call us today.

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When it comes to automotive, AutoStone Floor Systems is the flooring experts. Our knowledge and expertise continues to grow with no plans on stopping. We have over 20 years of experience working with brands, architects, general contractors, and installation crews. If there’s a company you can trust to get your dealership project done correctly and for the best price available, it’s AutoStone.

Your Shop Is an extension of
your showroom

Brand programs encourage making your service facility viewable to the customer. Industry research indicates that professional-looking, clean and tidy service departments improve CSI ratings while enhancing brand perception. AutoStone provides you the best floor system which can deliver a beautiful, durable and clean appearing facility. Your shop is an extension of your showroom, because each positive customer experience leads to increased service revenue and future vehicle sales. AutoStone delivers permanence, performance and appearance.

Advanced surface technology.
safer, smarter, better.

The reality of an automotive service facility is that dealers conduct business on floors that have contaminants tracked in by vehicles throughout the day. This increases STF (slip, trip, fall) risk exposure. Employees and customers are constantly exposed to these STF conditions which if not properly managed can lead to workplace injuries, litigation, and higher general liability insurance premiums. The question for a dealership is, “what is the best floor surface to address the reality of STF risk we face in the service drive and workshop space?” We suggest you talk with AutoStone to find a better solution to address and reduce STF risk. 

How Driveseries Looks In A Workshop​

View our Driveseries installation in Warrenton, Virginia and see for yourself how Driveseries can bring new life into your workshop.

Envirshop Explainer

Over 1,000,000 SQFT of Enviroshop as been installed across dealerships and their service drive departments.

Chain-Rake QC Floor Testing
Eliminate Latent Installation Defects During Installation

Ask about the AutoStone “Chain-Rake” QC (quality control) process to assure that your workshop project delivers a lifetime of performance, function, and beauty.  When it comes an automotive industrial floor, one of the risks ownership faces is latent warranty issues related to cracked-and-broken tile. 

You can’t see if a tile is fully bonded to the substrate – but you CAN hear it!

When successfully implemented this QC process eliminates most future latent warranty issues that result in cracked/broken tile.  Cracked/broken tile usually happens due to insufficient thin set applied to the back of the tile.  This QC process helps identify those issues before the flooring contractor has left the project, so a fully bonded floor is realized, and future warranty issues are identified during the installation process.

Reasons why AutoStone is the best floor system

Brands Approve Us

AutoStone is recommended, listed, or approved for more brand image programs than any other floor system provider. Brands approve us because we have earned their trust and their dealer’s appreciation. To be an approved image program supplier we have to do things right every time. AutoStone is the promise of success.

Dealers Love Us

There is a difference in products, pricing, and performance. Your design intent document (DID) offers various products to choose from. Sometimes, the best choice is not apparent to you, your architect, or general contractor. Build with the best and see why dealers prefer AutoStone.

Service Floor Experts

The reality of an automotive service facility is that dealers conduct business on floors that have contaminants tracked in by vehicles throughout the day. The question for a dealership is, “what is the best floor surface to address the reality of the services we provide in the automotive dealership service and showroom space?”

Easy to Work With

Because automotive is all we do, we are experts in your business. WE know how advantageous it is to have a supplier who is easy to do business with and never shuts you down. We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to. We make it easy to do business with AutoStone.