Because no two automotive dealerships or automotive brand programs are the same; a one-size-fits-all approach to your workshop and service drive floor may not fit your needs, planning or budget.

AutoStone offers the widest array of workshop and service drive floor systems to choose from.  Your brand may have a specific, unique and preferred material requirement.  When they do, AutoStone provides you the best solution to meet your brand program requirement and the best choice for your dealership.

AutoStone is the automotive industries leader in providing advanced surface traction, performance, permanence, and cleanability technology.  We offer you better choices, more competitive pricing and solutions that meet your brand requirements and better yet – your specific dealership needs and budget!

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AutoStone offers the best price for your tile program and guaranteed on-time delivery.

A permanent floor system with advanced surface technology and unmatched performance results! This floor system is distinctly identified through our elevated surface traction lines. Driveseries was created to help dealers manage STF (slip, trip, and fall) risk in the service drive and workshop environment. The driveseries comes with our proprietary brightfinish, a permanent sealant, baked-in during the kiln-firing process. 

Enviroshop was developed to deliver dealers a permanent workshop floor system with a larger surface format (12” x 12” size). This larger tile surface reduces the number of grout joints, less grout = less grime! Enviroshop comes with our proprietary brightfinish, a permanent sealant, baked-in during the kiln-firing process. Enviroshop is for dealership and automotive brands that place a higher premium on your workshop floors being exceptionally clean and pristine. 

Roben AG has partnered exclusively with AutoStone to produce the best clinkershop floor system.  This clinker tile is 15 mm (approx. 5/8”) thick. Clinkershop by Roben is a denser, stronger, and more durable workshop platform product. Clinkershop by Roben also comes with AutoStone brightfinish ultra-cleaning technology.  The performance delivered is unequaled by other clinker tile manufacturers.

Clinkershop is our 12 mm thick surface. It is slightly thinner than our
15 mm clinker tile, but still delivers the strength, durability and performance of a clinker tile. Conventional clinker installation methods recommend the vibration method; which is an antiquated method, requires a revised construction schedule, can be expensive, has a very limited labor pool, and fewer vendors to support future moves-adds-changes. With this thinner profile, you get the best of both worlds; a clinker tile plus thousands of qualified tile contractors who can install with thinset technologies.