Better Technology and Better products

In addition to our commitment to deliver the best market price point along with guaranteed on-time delivery, AutoStone tile products are of higher quality and include superior technology.  AutoStone technologies enhance the automotive retail and service environments with unique performance properties that other manufacturers of tile products do not offer or even understand.

AutoStone technologies include our brightfinish platform which deliver significant performance benefits.  These differences are not subtle, they are impactful, and automotive customers appreciate the AutoStone difference. 

Our brightfinish is a proprietary feature that includes a permanent sealant which eliminates surface stains.  The brightfinish is kiln-fired into the tile when manufactured, making it permanent.  These benefits include:

  • AutoStone brightfinish tile surfaces do not stain.
  • AutoStone brightfinish tiles aid dealerships with their cleaning practices.
  • AutoStone brightfinish tile surfaces help dealers keep facilities in a “like-new” condition. Stores look better for the life of your dealership.
  • AutoStone brightfinish allows dealers to detail vehicles in the showrooms with products like: Tire Bright and Armor All.
  • With brightfinish tile, dealers do not need to park vehicles on tire pads due to concerns of tire tracking.

In addition to the clean surface technology, there are STF (slip, trip and fall) risk management benefits as well.  The brightfinish surface includes microgranule technology that invisibly adds surface traction. 

  • AutoStone brightfinish tiles meet the ANSI A326 DCOF (slip, trip and fall) standard for hard surfaces.
  • Other manufacturers of tile do not have products or tile surfaces that offer a similar traction DCOF rating.

AutoStone technologies reflect our commitment to building the best tile products in support of the automotive retail and service facility.