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The best solution to manage STF risk in the service department.

Nothing says automotive service excellent better.  Great to look at and work on!

"Exceptional" Service delivered best with driveseries!

Driveseries changes the game, enhances the service experience.  It also makes your service experience safer for your customers and employees alike.  Nothing states “exceptional” service like driveseries!

Driveseries is just Dang Sexy In Your Service drive and workshop!

Fashionable, impressive, and helps manage slip, trip, and fall risk. Driveseries delivers performance, beauty and longevity.

People really do say it - driveseries is plain cool!

Not just customers, dealers and dealership employees say it too.  Driveseries makes a great statement, but delivers more than just the “cool” factor.  Driveseries is a floor that delivers better results and is a permanent floor surface.  No more brain damage resurfacing an epoxy floor.  

Are you up to date with new
ANSI A326 manufacturer
declared product use
classification requirement?

(Slip, Trip, & Fall) Standard

This requires tile manufacturers to list their product “use” to be appropriate for the automotive service drive and/or workshop environment.

Your facility design impacts which declared use category is appropriate for your tile material selection.

Get informed so you can mitigate exposure to STF litigation.

STF (slip, trip, and fall) risk is the #1 health and safety risk in automotive retail today.

Learn which AutoStoneUSA product is appropriate for your facility design and use as confirmed by our declared product use classification.

Product Use Category 4.1.4 Exterior Wet (EW) & 4.1.5 Oils/Greases (O/G)

Driveseries EW & O/G is a high traction surface.  This product conforms to ANSI A326 and is designated rated for:

4.1.4 (Exterior, Wet) – level outdoor spaces walkways, sidewalks, where such floors may be walked upon when wet (excluding ice or snow) if level, clean, maintained and free of standing water or other contaminants.

4.1.5 (Oils/Greases) – level areas regularly exposed to automotive fluids, etc., so long as such floors are level, regularly cleaned, maintained and free of standing water and contaminant build-up. Consult with your architect to determine dealership practices. Review ANSI A326.3 2021 standard.

Should be cleaned with frequent maintenance to keep clean.  See Driveseries Tile Guide and Culture of Clean document for recommended cleaning practices.

Manage STF Environmental Risk

AutoStone proposes our driveseries as one of our three workshop floor systems for service drive and workshop facilities.  This service and workshop floor system has been successfully installed in a number of various dealership locations where dealers love the STF benefits, which reduce their exposure to customer and employee injury in the service drive and/or workshop.

Permanent Sealant Resists Permanent Stains

AutoStone’s brightfinish ultra-cleanable technology surface finish is an optional surface finish option. The brightfinish resists permanent stains and assists in the removal of grout residue during installation and aids cleaning practices.  The brightfinish will deliver brighter, fresher, and cleaner showroom environments.

High Traction Surface Rating

Brand programs encourage making your service facility viewable to the customer. Industry research indicates that professional-looking, clean and tidy service departments improve CSI ratings while enhancing brand perception. AutoStone provides you the best floor system which can deliver a beautiful, durable and clean appearing facility. Your shop is an extension of your showroom, because each positive customer experience leads to increased service revenue and future vehicle sales. AutoStone delivers permanence, performance and appearance.

AutoStone Aids Dealership
Cleaning Practices

The reality of an automotive service facility is that dealers conduct business on floors that have contaminants tracked in by vehicles throughout the day. This increases STF (slip, trip, fall) risk exposure. Employees and customers are constantly exposed to these STF conditions which if not properly managed can lead to workplace injuries, litigation, and higher general liability insurance premiums. The question for a dealership is, “what is the best floor surface to address the reality of STF risk we face in the service drive and workshop space?” We suggest you talk with AutoStone to find a better solution to address and reduce STF risk.

Ultra-Cleanable Technology

All three AutoStone service drive and workshop floor systems have our Brightfinish technology.  The Brightfinish technology enhances our impervious tile surface with a permanent sealant baked-in during the manufacturing process.  Permanent service drive and workshop floors can be kept in “like-new” condition for the life of the dealership with regularly scheduled and proper cleaning practices.

Chain-Rake Floor Testing Process
Best Way to Test thinset Coverage

AutoStoneUSA’s focus is automotive tile but more importantly, we consider ourselves an educational platform to better serve flooring contractors, dealers, and architects.  To deliver the best flooring possible, we recommend the use of a chain-rake. This is a QC method that when followed helps identify tiles not installed with 95% thin-set coverage. This is a simple, fast, and easy method that helps you confirm your installed floor will last a lifetime.



Series: Driveseries

Size: 8″ x 8″* (U.S. Nominal Dimension)

Surface: R-12 Textured

Finish: Brightfinish

7 7/8″ x 7 7/8″ (Actual Size)

*Dimensions may vary within (+) or (-) 2mm in sizing



Series: Driveseries

Size: 8″ x 8″* (U.S. Nominal Dimension)

Surface: R-12 Textured

Finish: Brightfinish

7 7/8″ x 7 7/8″ (Actual Size)

*Dimensions may vary within (+) or (-) 2mm in sizing



Series: Driveseries

Size: 8″ x 8″* (U.S. Nominal Dimension)

Surface: R-12 Textured

Finish: Brightfinish

7 7/8″ x 7 7/8″ (Actual Size)

*Dimensions may vary within (+) or (-) 2mm in sizing

Tile Technical Documents

Material Safety Data Sheets

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