Making your Acura service drive and shop floor an extension of the showroom.

Never resurface your service drive or shop floor again.  Build it once, build it right with an AutoStone Floor System.  AutoStone can be used in your Acura dealership for your service and shop areas.

The concierge level experience with driveseries!.

Customer service is the key component of every branding strategy.  Creating the right service drive is an essential element for the Acura program.  AutoStone provides you the best permanent service drive for your branded facility.

This is why your Acura dealership should evaluate the driveseries! from AutoStone.  This is a significant advancement in surface design that helps dealers manage and reduce slip and fall concerns while providing ultra-cleanable technology.

The driveseries! surface includes the AutoStone proprietary finish which aids in floor cleaning practices and helps to retard permanent tire tracking.  Bright is a manufactured permanent surface finish that lasts the life of your floor system.

The driveseries! by AutoStone provides your  Acura dealership our safest, smartest and most effective permanent floor solution for service drive environments.  Advanced surface technology for your service drive delivers better results.

The new service paradigm.

Most brand programs encourage making the service facility viewable to the customer.  Creating an automotive “state-of-the-art” service facility elevates the Acura brand perception.  Your Acura service department is the center stage that builds your brand and the Acura brand.

AutoStone provides your dealership the best floor solution to aid in keeping your shop looking clean and professional.  AutoStone presents your service facility best.

AutoStone is a permanent floor that never needs replacement.  No need to shut down service operations, we renovate while you operate.  We are the experts in renovation or new shop facility construction.  Never resurface your service drive or shop again.

Build it right, AutoStone once, AutoStone forever.

The best automotive warranty.

We provide all automotive dealers a seven (7) year warranty to be free of cracked or broken tiles* (see warranty for details and specifics).      This is very important.  AutoStone is the only company who guarantees the success and durability of our floor and installation!  * Must be installed by AutoStone Floor Systems or approved AFS partners.  AutoStone does not warrant 3rd party installation services.

Reasons why AutoStone should be in your Acura facility:

  • AutoStone provides Acura an approved turnkey flooring solution that delivers you the guarantee of satisfaction.  One source, one purchase, simple solution.
  • When installed by AutoStone Floor Systems experts, comes with the best automotive 7-year warranty.  Protect your investment.
  • Renovation projects are easy with AutoStone.  Our floor system raises your floor 1/2″ from grade making a retrofit of your existing facility a more integrated solution.
  • AutoStone supports both existing (renovation) solutions and new construction.  AutoStone can rehab your Acura facility and make your service department look like new!  AutoStone has installed more automotive projects than anyone.  AutoStone is the brand that automotive dealers choose the most.
  • AutoStone stocks Acura materials, we can respond quicker, faster and deliver a better facility.
  • Our driveseries! floor system is a significant advancement in floor system technology.  Include driveseries! in your Acura service lane.  Superior technology.
  • There is a difference in the vendor you choose.  With AutoStone, you have the proven automotive flooring industry expert.  Better products, better approach and better results.

AutoStone Applications

  • Showroom – by AutoStone
  • Service Drive – by AutoStone
  • Shop Floors – by AutoStone
AutoStone has brand compliant products for these areas.