AutoStone's Answer To
Broken Supply Chain

Our guaranteed on-time delivery, best price program, and the ability to pre-reserve tile in advance for your project are everything you’re looking for.

The Current Material Marketplace Problems

Just In Time (JIT)
Supply System Is Broken

Material Shortages
Cause Project Delays

Quotes Don't Mean Materials Are Ready

Cost of Materials Are Highly Volatile & Change Too Often

Our Breakthrough Solutions & Responses

The Ability To
Pre-Reserve Materials

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery program

Your Material Will Be Ready For Your Project

Lock Materials Price Down A Year In Advance

The Ability To "Pre-Reserve" materials

In order to succeed in the new economy is to specify ahead of time and our “pre-reserve material” system allows for that. The arrival of critical finish materials from what was once an 8-weeks prior requirement has now become a 16-20 week prior date. AutoStone understands this challenge and we want your project to be complete without the worry of material availability. Every brand in our program has the ability to “pre-reserve materials”, a solution every builder wants.

Guaranteed On-Time Delivery Program

AutoStone materials are stocked in the US to support the automotive programs we supply.  This AutoStone program assures automotive brands, owners, architects, builders and subcontractors that when they specify and purchase AutoStone materials, they will be there when needed.  This is our commitment to our industry, our dealers and our customers.  In this time of both economic and supply chain uncertainty, AutoStone is the tile brand you can count on to deliver exceptional quality, on-time delivery while maintaining the most competitive price point.

Your Materials Will Be Ready For Your Project

Material shortages have created great stresses on shipping carriers, embark and disembark ports, and the US government agencies responsible for the approval and release of cargo shipments. AutoStone understands the challenges you face such as shipping carrier delays, loading and un-loading labor-strife, COVID-19 worker safety issues, labor union shortages, and general havoc in the transportation chain. 

When AutoStone receives the construction plans on your projects, we will do a project take-off and make production and inventory commitments to make sure that materials are available for your projects when needed.

Lock Material Price Down A Year In Advance

When AutoStone materials are selected and specified by architects our “Best Pricing Program” assures project affordability. Additionally, when general contractors commit to using brand-approved AutoStone materials for their projects you can expect the same reliable pricing. The AutoStone best pricing commitment applies to each brand program’s identified tile products which are comparative in listing, scope, and function. 

Quarry to Kiln (Q2K)
Distribution Model

AutoStone USA’s Quarry to Kiln Distribution Model demonstrates how our products are locally sourced and domestically warehoused which means consolidated shipping direct to your dealership which saves you money in your overall project.

AutoStone President Barry Portrait
Barry Wells
President - AutoStone Floor Systems