• Approved for use in all major automotive brand programs.
  • Installed by US based installation teams.
  • Flexible construction scheduling.
  • Can be retro-fitted into most shop applications.
  • Advanced thinset installation expertise.
  • Construction managed by AutoStone Project Managers.
  • Trained installation crews.
  • Quality, beauty and permanence.

ClinkerShop – advanced shop floor technology.

AutoStone Floor Systems is the automotive industries leading brand for permanent shop floors.  Never go through the pain and suffering related to resurfacing your dealership again.  With the introduction of ClinkerShop, AutoStone provides you a better resource on a clinker tile solution.

Clinker tiles are traditionally 4”w x 8” l x 14/15 mm (d).  They are called “clinker” tiles for the sound the make when they are tapped together.  This “clink” noise is how this name came about.  Clinker tiles are manufactured in many countries globally.  Germany is probably thought to be the original home of these tiles because they are identified with the BMW automotive brand.  BMW has a requirement for their dealers to use this type of floor system and it is brand identifier associated with BMW.

This floor system raises your floor about 5/8” from grade.  When installed in a thinset manner, additional float is required to make the floor flat for the smaller format tiles and layer of adhesion.  AutoStone has skilled crews and installation teams that can best install your floor system and provide you the best clinker tile solution.

AutoStone is the only company that provides clinker type tile installation with US based installation crews.  Other clinker products recommend the vibration method, which requires a 2” recessed floor slab and requires foreign installers to travel from Europe to install their product.  There is little schedule flexibility and unless your project meets a pre-established criteria, you may have challenges with the installation.

Additionally, the decision to purchase a clinker tile must be made many months prior to construction so the slab can be correctly poured to accommodate this limited installation method.  AutoStone recommends a flush floor application to match the 5/8” up from grade profile.  This assures you that you have the flexibility to make the right buying decision under careful review.

We are sure that after you review all the options – AutoStone Floor Systems will be your floor system provider.

ClinkerShop by AutoStone – advanced shop floor technology.