AutoStone Installed – 7 Year Warranty

AutoStone provides you a turnkey – installed price for your dealership renovation or new construction project. When you work with our industry experts you are assured of best pricing, brand compliance and an easy to work with services experience. One comapnay, one contact, one warranty for your dealership.

Anything that breaks or cracks is replaced at no cost to you.  See more recent warranty for details and specifics as there are certain disclaimers and exclusions that exist.  At all times, AutoStone reserves the right to revise and change our warranty program.

AutoStone Direct

Purchase your tile and setting materials from AutoStone directly and choose who you want to install your AutoStone product. In addtion architects, general contractors and tile subcontractors can order tile, setting materials, (thin-set and grout) direct from AutoStone. Many materials are stocked by AutoStone supporting fast delivery requirements.

AutoStone does not warrant the labor or installation services provided by 3rd party tile contractors. AutoStone 7-year warranty is not available through a materials only purchase.



The AutoStone 7-year warranty applies only to AutoStone branded tile AND installed by an AutoStone affiliated entity.   Below are examples of a qualifying 7-year warranty:

  1. AutoStone branded tile such as:
    1. Enviroshop
    2. driveseries!
    3. AutoStone listed as the materials provider on brand DID.
    4. VE (value engineered) alternate submitted by AutoStone that is approved for use on your project.
  2. Tiles that this warranty DOES NOT cover:
    1. Any tile installed that is not an AutoStone branded tile.
    2. Any AutoStone branded tile installed by a 3rd party installation company.

Any installation not covered under our 7-year warranty and installed by AutoStone will carry an industry standard a 1-year warranty related to defects in workmanship and labor.  Any materials warranty on a non-AutoStone installed tile would be related that specific tile manufacturer’s warranty and is not supported or warranted by AutoStone.  Any claims that arise related to non-AutoStone branded tile are filed, addressed, submitted and managed by you directly with said manufacturer.

3rd party installation not covered

This warranty applies only to installation services contracted and performed by AutoStone Floor Systems.  Installation services performed or contracted by other companies (3rd party contractors) are not warranted by AutoStone in any manner.

Note:  any work, punch-list and/or repairs performed on an AutoStone Floor tile by a 3rd party company will invalidate your AutoStone warranty, materials warranty or performance warranty or any warranty of any kind.

7-year warranty provision

AutoStone warrants to the original purchaser whose floor meets the criteria for the AutoStone extended warranty that their floor will be free of cracked or broken tiles for a period of 7-years from date of substantial completion.  No other warranty related to our 7-year warranty exists, is implied or otherwise exists.  This is your sole and exclusive remedy and warranty and all other WARRANTIES implied or otherwise are specifically rejected.

Warranty limitations and exclusions:

This warranty is subject to the limitations, exclusions and other provisions as stated.  The warranty of seven (7) years (for cracked or broken tiles) applies to product contracted and installed after January 1st, 2012.

This warranty is related only to tiles being cracked and/or broken and does not apply to any other performance characteristics or otherwise.

  • AutoStone does NOT warrant the performance of any grout.
  • AutoStone does not warranty the performance of any caulking installed.
  • AutoStone does not warrant the performance of any metal extrusion, plate, drain-riser or any transition strip of any kind or in any capacity.

Hydro-pressure or moisture that comes from underneath slab that causes tiles to lift is NOT covered under this warranty.

Slab movement that causes cracks in excess of 1/8” is considered excessive and NOT covered under warranty.

Any condition that is not revealed to AutoStone Floor Systems, or is not revealed until after an AutoStone Floor System is installed that changes the scope and nature of the installation and services performed are NOT covered under this warranty.

AutoStone does NOT warrant all slab conditions.  AutoStone warranty only applies to single poured slabs with properly installed control joints.  Multiple slab conditions where existing slabs are married up with newly poured slabs are NOT covered under our warranty.  Older slabs with surface cracks and signs of slab movement are NOT covered under our warranty.

AutoStone will provide you the best practices solution to minimize the impact that varied slabs may have on your tile floor, but our warranty does NOT cover these conditions or conditions similar to said conditions identified above.

Acts of God and catastrophic events

This warranty does NOT apply if a catastrophic event such as a flood, storm, earthquakes, fire or other act of God which impacts building or structure in which an AutoStone Floor System is installed.

Grout and grout staining

Grout staining is not warranted.  AutoStone uses a grout system to resist stains, but does not prohibit them.  Regardless of any grout system applied included any grout that is sanded, non-sanded, epoxy based, urethane based, pre-sealed, premium pre-sealed or any grout, AutoStone does NOT warrant grout for staining, sagging, chipping, flaking, or non-performing in any way.  AutoStone does NOT warrant any post-installation grout sealant product that is applied to grout joints.

AutoStone does NOT warrant issues related to efflorescence staining or heavy acidic cleaning.  The only remedy or warranty related to grout is with the specific manufacturer of the grout system provided by AutoStone.

Uncoupling membrane underlayment exclusion

AutoStone does not extend our 7-year warranty if any uncoupling underlayment is used as part of the floor system installation.  Examples of uncoupling membrane products are:  DITRA (Schluter), Permat (Blanke) or any similar type application.

Normal wear and tear

This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, which are to be expected over the course of the ownership.  Chips in the surface of an AutoStone tile surface is considered normal wear-and-tear.  Your tile is a porcelain body tile, thus any chip would show the same aesthetic appearance as the top of your AutoStone tile.

Negligence, misuse, vandalism, etc.

This warranty does not cover any damage caused by negligence (intended or not), misuse of product, vandalism, act-of-malice, intended or otherwise.  AutoStone is the party that has the sole discretion to determine if something is negligent, miss-use, abuse or otherwise.  No other party input is measured when reviewing and determining this factor.

Limitations related to cleaning issues:

Customer must follow cleaning and maintenance procedures provided by AutoStone Floor Systems for the life of the product.  If customer fails to clean and maintain floors as recommended by AutoStone Floor Systems, warranty is void.  Please review our recommended cleaning procedures.  If client has problems with cleaning aspects of their AutoStone floor, they are to communicate such issues to AutoStone Floor Systems within thirty (30) days of identifying problems and concerns.

General Contractor Agreements

Secondary contracts signed between AutoStone Floor Systems with General Contractors or any client that have conflicting language with our Warranty Agreement will be secondary to our written Warranty Agreement.  Our Warranty Agreement supersedes any warranty requirements or conflicting written agreements.

Non-payment of contract

The AutoStone Floor Systems 7-year Warranty is conditioned upon full payment of the original contract price.   If the contract is not paid in full then the extended 7-year Warranty is void.

Partial payments, non-payment of retainage or back charge will nullify the extended 7-year Warranty.  Any change order submitted by AutoStone that is denied or not paid as requested will nullify the extended 7-year Warranty.

Additionally, if a final bill settlement is reached between AutoStone and either you or your representative (GC, etc.) that results in a crediting for work performed that is not paid for this can nullify your Warranty Agreement.  Any charge back accepted by AutoStone can or will nullify your Warranty Agreement.

AutoStone will have sole discretion and the final decision as to any work performed that is not paid or change orders submitted and or charge-backs received that are NOT paid, accepted, approved or otherwise can and will nullify your Warranty Agreement.

Right to change warranty agreement

AutoStone Floor Systems reserves the right to change or modify our warranty without warning at any time, as it relates to future.  This warranty (as written) will be supported based on the signed agreement by both parties.  Please contact your AutoStone Floor Systems representative to confirm that you have the latest and correct warranty for AutoStone Floor System.

Collaborative dispute resolution process

AutoStone retains the sole right to determine if any issue is a warranty item based on the facts and information provided.  However, should any disagreements arise, both parties agree to negotiate a resolution agreeable to both sides.  If both sides are unable to negotiate a mutually beneficial resolution, both parties agree to seek mediation as a next step.  If mediation fails to resolve the disagreement; both parties agree to seek binding arbitration.  At all times both parties agreed to seek a collaborative dispute resolution process to resolve any and all disagreements.   AutoStone Floor Systems will be the party responsible for determining the mediator and/or arbitrator if necessary.

To obtain service under this warranty:

This warranty does not extend coverage to include a site visit to diagnose your warranty claim.  This warranty is dependent upon your cooperation and assistance to identify and communicate as necessary the nature and scope of your warranty submittal.  See warranty submittal document for instructions on filing a valid warranty claim.

To obtain service under this warranty AutoStone requires digital images (photograph) of the warranty claim.  The digital images of warranty claim must be sent within the thirty (30) days of warranty claim notification (preferably by email).  This warranty does not extend to any other services or products sold, installed or provided by AutoStone Floor Systems.

  1. Contact AutoStone Floor Systems within thirty (30) days from discovery of defect and/or problem. Please provide name of dealership and all necessary contact information.  Prolonged notification of an existing problem can and will nullify your Warranty Agreement.
  1. Provide AutoStone Floor Systems documented information as requested to explain (in your own words, based on your observation) the nature of the problem at hand. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for review of your information and any possible inspection (if deemed necessary) by AutoStone.
  1. If AutoStone Floor Systems affirms that the problem in question is eligible for service work under the conditions of the warranty as stated above, AutoStone Floor Systems will be the sole determiner of what remedy needs to be taken to address any deemed defective tile. It will be AutoStone Floor
  1. All pictures must be emailed in HIGH RESOLUTION and in focus.
    1. Text pictures are not accepted.
    2. Small size files are not accepted.
    3. Out of focus images are not accepted.
    4. Large format files to allow our Warranty Team to identify the nature of your issue and scope to implement a proper warranty repair.
  1. Sufficient pictures to identify both the problem and/or problem(s) that exist at your dealership.
  1. Pictures up close and back from a perspective that identify the issues.
    1. We highly encourage multiple pictures of each item you are submitting.
    2. Please review your images to ensure they capture the entirety of your concern in the digital picture sent.
  1. Send digital pictures of your existing attic stock that was left on-site for future warranty issues.
    1. Provide pictures that show the entirety of your attic stock.
    2. If possible, take up-close images of the boxes to enable us to read the product codes.
    3. Provide in your email the location of the attic stock on-site so we can find when our installation crew arrives.
  1. AutoStone Floor Systems who will determine whether to provide replacement product (tile) or repair existing tile.
  1. Customer must provide adequate time and access by AutoStone Floor Systems technicians to affect any/all repairs and must not delay access by AutoStone Floor Systems workers. Any delay in providing access by AutoStone Floor Systems to your facility to affect any/all repairs can create situations where workers or customers may get injured.  Client is to take       immediate, prudent and cautious measures to safeguard any location where there is a warranty issue that is need of repair and to help prevent workers or customers from injuring themselves on broken tile or any AutoStone product that may be deemed defective.
  1. AutoStone warranty only covers doing repair work on a Monday through Friday work schedule with the working hours of 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Any work that is requested by customer to address any warranty issue outside these hours and/or days will be charged to the customer.  These charges are related only to the “after-hours” or “weekend” work that is to be performed.
  1. AutoStone reserves the right to schedule your repairs based on our working schedule. Based on your dealership location, AutoStone reserves the right to schedule repairs according to the location and timing of AutoStone crews working in your area.
  1. Customer is responsible for receiving and safely-storing the “attic-stock” supplied by AutoStone Floor Systems at the end of the project. This “attic-stock” will be the inventory used by AutoStone Floor Systems to enact any future warranty repairs that occur during this seven (7) year period.  AutoStone Floor Systems provides your dealership sufficient inventory of each color of tile used on your project for just this purpose.  As a reminder, each production run reflects a specific die-lot and tile size.  It may be impossible to match the exact die-lot (coloration) again in future productions.  This is why we provide attic stock inventory so in case repairs need to be provide, we will have the exact and initial tile installed on your project so all repairs blend perfectly with the surrounding tiles.
  1. If the repair exceeds any “attic-stock” provided, AutoStone Floor Systems will provide additional inventory and materials as needed. AutoStone does not guarantee that a matching dye-lot can be provided to do repairs.  Additionally, AutoStone does NOT warrant that a matching tile can be provided, either by the same manufacturer, color or series.  AutoStone will do our best to provide you a close approximation, but we do NOT warrant an identical replacement to materials previously supplied on your purchase contract.
  1. Any alternate dye-lot, tile, series or manufacturer will be determined at the sole desecration of AutoStone Floor Systems.
  1. Warranty claims are sent to:


If you do not receive a response within 24 hours – please call: (800)-772-1473 or (214)-393-4875 and report the sending of your email. We do not want to lose your transmission due to a SPAM filter blockage.