Project profile!  How the best retail practices impact the automotive service experience.

The Gordon Ramsey effect

Today’s best chefs showcase their kitchens to their dining customers.  Meals are prepared in front of diners while flames flare, uniformed sous chefs display culinary skills and gourmet meals are prepared.  If you are really lucky, you may even get the most coveted table – inside the working kitchen!

The transparency tells the diner, “look into our kitchen, we have nothing to hide”.  The theatrical culinary presentation enhances the quality of the dining experience and reinforces the value of the chef’s brand.  Dinning customers connect with this message which results in the restaurant gaining a life-long, brand-loyal customer.

The shop is an extension of the showroom

Well-lit service facilities, bright lights, uniformed technicians and branding graphics are important identifiers of successful service facilities.  Dealers who build service facilities which showcase their commitment to service generate more life-long, brand and dealer-loyal customers.  Your service department and its’ appearance says more to your customer than all your marketing and advertising combined.

The Porsche philosophy

Porsche recognizes these trends and sees great value in their dealers embracing the importance of the shop and service drive and their role in successful automotive retailing and service.  Porsche refers to their technicians as “chefs” and the service facility as the “kitchen”.  Porsche vehicles are the beautiful meals prepared by their chefs while viewed by the customer.

This project shows the value Porsche places on transparency and openness.  The showroom actually is connected to the service facility.  A large glass wall and glass doors are the only transition between the showroom and service facility.  Additionally, the customer lounge looks out into the shop as well.

This Porsche dealership properly addresses a Culture of Clean.  The result is a dealership service facility that reinforces the brands commitment to not only a quality product but additionally exceptional vehicle and customer service.

The new service paradigm

When your service department is an extension of your showroom, you need to build with permanence and performance.  Porsche chose AutoStone because of the quality, cleanability and many benefits our floor system delivers.

Why put your service department on display if your floor degrades month after month and year after year, due to using a temporary coating or exposed concrete?  Why put in a floor system that is difficult to clean and maintain, as other tile and clinker products prove to be?  Temporary coatings never stop costing you money.  Shop floors by AutoStone will stop the ongoing resurfacing cycle, aide your dealership cleaning practices and look beautiful for the life of your dealership.

The paradigm shift is that service is the driving force which builds your dealership identity while reflecting your brands growing value and perception.  Regardless of the market your brand targets you will be more successful by building a service drive and shop floor that reflect your commitment to excellence.

AutoStone helps you deliver that excellence.