Temporary coatings or permanent floors?

When you are selecting floor options for your service department, make sure you select a permanent floor solution.   Temporary coatings like epoxy or sealed concrete may be initially less, but end-up costing the most because they have a short life cycle.

Temporary coatings will show poorly soon after installation and use.  AutoStone is a permanent floor system for your shop floor and service drive work areas.  No need to shut down service operations, we renovate while you operate.

Why invest in an AutoStone shop floor?

AutoStone is the lowest cost solution when you evaluate your investment over a short 4-5 year window.  One resurfacing of your service department will end up costing you more than the initial purchase of an Enviroshop floor by AutoStone.

Would you choose an exterior cladding for your building if you knew you would have to replace it every 4-5 years?  Of course not!  The same logic applies to your shop floor system.  AutoStone is the right permanent shop floor choice.

It’s not like epoxy or polished concrete look good for the entire 4-5 year span of the products useful life.  Epoxy degrades car-after-car, month-after-month and year-after-year, until it looks so poorly that you decide to go through the brain damage, pain and suffering of yet another resurfacing your service department.

Besides all the intangible benefits (and there are many), an investment in an AutoStone floor system means you have capped a potential on-going maintenance facility cost.  You have eliminated the ever repeating cycle of service facility shut-down which costs you important service department revenue.  These costs alone validate that an AutoStone shop floor system is a wise investment and provides a sound return.

The new service paradigm. 

Many brand programs now encourage making the service facility viewable to the customer.  Creating an automotive “state-of-the-art” service facility elevates your brands perception.  If you are going to put your service department on display to enhance your brand, why do so with a temporary coating that looks poorly in a few short years?

The goal of showing off your service is to elevate your brand and dealership perception.  An Enviroshop floor by AutoStone gives you the best resource to make your service department look great – for the life of your dealership.

Important facts and numbers. 

There are many benefits gained by having an AutoStone permanent shop floor that impact your brand and dealership.  Higher CSI ratings, brand perception, customer loyalty and employee satisfaction.

When you consider the lost revenue associated with shutting down your service department every 4-5 years to resurface your shop, you need to consider the lost revenue not generated while this process occurs.

(17) Technicians (average)

$ 135.00 mechanical labor rate.

$ 5,594,388.00 annual revenue of typical dealership.

$ 107,584.37 revenue on a weekly basis (52 weeks a year).

When you shut down to resurface your shop, you stand to lose an additional $ 45,000.00 in revenue not generated.  This cost is in addition to the construction and disruption costs associated with resurfacing a temporary coating.

Profile of dealerships service and parts operations_2014_AutoStone Floor Systems

The numbers support AutoStone!

When you look at all the costs and all the benefits – AutoStone Floor Systems stands to be the best choice you can make for your dealership.  The numbers support a closer look at your costs associated with managing and operating your service department.

When you look at all the numbers and count the real costs – Enviroshop by AutoStone is the better choice and wise investment.

AutoStone – smart, permanent, strength and beauty.