a Culture of Clean

We are here to indoctrinate you with the AutoStone “culture of clean”!  You have just purchased the best automotive floor system for your dealership.  Regardless if you purchased our shop floor, service drive or showroom floor system, your floors should be cleaned on a regular basis.  Your floors need to be cleaned with standard floor scrubber-sweeper equipment.

While AutoStone is an easy to clean floor, it is not a self-cleaning floor!  Cats and ovens are self-cleaning, AutoStone is not.  The good news is, with proper and regular cleaning practices, your floors can be kept looking clean and professional for many years to come.  A key phrase to remember is “proper and regular cleaning practices”. Gravity causes all things to fall to the ground and an AutoStone floor system is not exempt from the laws of physics – at least not yet.

A culture of clean means AutoStone is here to shine the light on some fundamental principles and practices we recommend you implement when it comes to cleaning your floors.  AutoStone provides your dealership life time (technical) cleaning support on how to maintain your floor properly.  Lastly, if you cleaning practices have fallen off and you need assistance in getting your facility to look “like new-again”, we can direct you to qualified 3rd party cleaning companies who specialize in the proper care and maintenance of porcelain tile flooring.

What to expect from AutoStone

You can download this document as a guide to help you with proper methods and practices related to keeping your floor clean.  If your dealership elects, we can meet with your cleaning service company and/or facility director during the installation phase of your floor.  We have an AutoStone Project Manager who will visit your dealership during the renovation and/or new construction.  This is an ideal time to get your team up to speed with proper cleaning practices.

AutoStone associates can review your equipment to assist you in making sure your floor scrubber-sweeper is correctly configured to maximize its ability to clean your tile and grout.  AutoStone does recommend you have at least (2) floor scrubber-sweepers for your dealership.  One for your AutoStone shop and service drive and another unit specifically for your showroom.  Each facility has its own unique set of requirements and needs.

PH Neutral and the flood rinse

We encourage your cleaning crews to be very careful about the type of chemicals to use.  An AutoStone Floor System does not require a lot of chemicals to clean.  The chemical should be used lightly and sparingly and we always recommend a flood rinse with CLEAN water after each chemical introduction.

The biggest problem we see is chemicals left behind on the tile surface and in the grout joints.

Whitening of grout joints is usually related to dried soap residue or efflorescence residue.  Both can be better controlled by sucking up all water from the joints and using clean water as a rinse to remove any remaining chemical.

Grout joints and cleaning.

Grout joints are the lowest point on the floor.  Therefore all the contaminants usually end up in the grout joint.  The best manner and method to keep them clean and true in color is to have a machine that scrubs out the joints and sucks up the cleaning chemical after scrubbing.  Again, after this process, a good flood rinse will help remove any remaining contaminants and remove the chemical residue that may remain on the tile and in the grout joint.

Tire tracking – the signature of too much acidic cleaning compound

When you see rubber transfer on your floor that appears soon after cleaning, it is usually the indication that there is an acidic residue that remains on your floor.  Acidic chemicals are used by most cleaning crews and without a flood rinse to remove it, it stays on your floor and holds onto rubber when activated with water, etc.

Acids will remain on the floor and need to be rinsed off a number of times with a clean water rinse.

Life time technical cleaning support

AutoStone is here to service and support your facility for the life of your facility.  As a reminder, if your cleaning practices diminish, for whatever reason, AutoStone is here to provide you our life time technical cleaning assistance.

How to clean your floor

Click on the documents and download them as you need.  There are many useful and common sense things that will help you get your dealership floors looking good soon.

If you follow these guidelines and embrace a passion for cleaning, your dealership will have a culture of clean.  Clean floors result because your dealership cares about your facility and the appearance of your dealership.

Buying and AutoStone Floor System is the first step in building a better dealership with the best shop floor, service drive and showroom floor system possible.  However, the next step is keeping them clean.