Enviroshop by AutoStone Floor Systems is the brand more autodealers trust.  We were built on the premise that “your shop is an extension of your showroom.”  For over 15 years, AutoStone has been installing permanent shop floors in automotive dealerships.

Automotive is all we do.  AutoStone is the best choice for your service department floor system.  We get it, we’re AutoStone.


The shop is an extension of the showroom

Successful imaging programs distinguish the value of their brand with exceptional service provided by their dealership retailers.  Your shop is an extension of your showroom and is an essential component needed to create brand loyalty.

Well-lit service facilities, bright lights, uniformed technicians and branding graphics are important identifiers of successful service facilities.  Dealers who build service facilities which showcase their committment to service will generate more life-long, brand and dealer-loyal customers.  Your service department and its’ appearance says more to your customer than all your marketing and advertising combined.

When you build your shop to showcase your service department an important part is to include a permanent floor that aids in dealership cleaning practices.  Why put your service department on display if your floor degrades month after month and year after year?  Why put in a floor system that is difficult to clean and maintain?  Temporary coatings never stop costing you money.  Enviroshop by AutoStone stops the ongoing resurfacing cycle.

Enviroshop by AutoStone is a permanent floor system.  Enviroshop by AutoStone is built with our Bright finish which aids dealership cleaning practices.  Enviroshop by AutoStone tiles resist tire tracking associated with today’s softer, silicone based tires.  AutoStone is the best product you can choose for your shop floor.

When installed, it is 1/2” up from grade.  This makes it practical for renovations and new builds.  Level floors that properly slope to drain are more achievable with the Enviroshop system.  Enviroshop by AutoStone is ideal for new construction while being readily retrofitted into existing service facilities.

Our construction methods and project management experts make AutoStone the best solution for any automotive project.  AutoStone is affordable and only about 25% to 35% more than temporary coatings like epoxy which only last 3-5 years between cycles of replacement.

Please see the short video below which shows how a service department is an extension of the dealership showroom.