• We renovate while you operate.
  • Experts in service drive construction.
  • Minimize disruption to your on-going operations.
  • We offer night schedule (for small upcharge).
  • Our crews work continuous days from start to finish.
  • High decibel noise work is done after work hours, or away from service drive area, if/as possible.
  • Installation plan worked in conjunction with your needs.
  • Create the concierge experience in your service lane.
  • The driveseries! – safer, smarter, better service drives.

Never shut down while we renovate your service drive

When you are considering upgrading your service drive.  AutoStone has your best solution.  Concerns about disrupting service writers and the inconvenience to your customers may cause you to put-off these important (and in many cases necessary) upgrades.

Temporary coatings have long cure-times and they last only a few short years before you have to re-surface them again.  Additionally, they degrade every time a vehicle drives on the surface.  Not with AutoStone.

With AutoStone, we minimize the disruption to your service department operations.  Our business was built on providing the right permanent floor system in your service drive.  We renovate the service lanes with a plan that keeps your service writers operational and your customers comforted.

Our driveseries! floor system is a 1/2″ up from grade when installed.  This makes us ideal for renovations as well as new construction.  Installing flat floors with proper drainage are more readily achievable with an AutoStone Floor System.

We develop a plan that minimizes disruption to your business.  If your project requires, we offer night hours (for a small upcharge).  Our standard pricing includes flex-hours so we can meet your requirements and service writer’s workload.

AutoStone Floor Systems is the company that created the permanent service drive floor system.  AutoStone has perfected the process that enables our driveseries! to be retrofitted into your service drive with minimal impact on your operations.  We are the original and best.

Never shut down and never resurface your service drive again.

The driveseries! – safer, smarter, better service drives.