Building a Subaru dealership

Subaru dealerships have a common exterior/interior look.  The design intent is a guide that assists Subaru dealers in building a facility that maintains the integrity and look that identifies the Subaru brand.

AutoStone Floor Systems is an approved and listed floor system provider for your Subaru showroom.  As an approved supplier you are assured that your showroom is brand compliant.  Additionally, we provide permanent floors for your Subaru service drive and shop floor areas.

The goals of the Subaru program include improved dealer sales and a better customer service experience.  Your floor system is an important component of the Subaru branding process.

AutoStone helps you get there with better products, faster service, experienced construction teams, industry leading warranties and cost effective pricing.  No one understands your need better.  Automotive is all we do, we get it, we’re AutoStone!

Better service facilities

Your shop is an extension of your showroom.  One way to improve your Subaru goal of improved customer loyalty is through building a better service facility.  Your service department underscores your commitment to quality and service.  Gone are dark shop areas that have oil-stained, cracked-concrete and/or worn, peeling epoxy paint.  Service is enhanced with better, cleaner, smarter shop floors including well-lit interiors and uniformed technicians.  AutoStone gets you there with our permanent shop floor system.

Safer service lanes

Managing the risk associated with service drives is what AutoStone offers with our driveseries! floor system.  This floor system is a permanent floor that provides clean, safe and beautiful service drives.

Safer floors, better service lanes – driveseries!

Reasons why AutoStone should be your Subaru facility choice:

  • AutoStone provides all your tile products. One source, one purchase, simple solution.
  • When installed by AutoStone Floor Systems experts, comes with the best automotive warranty. Protect your investment.
  • AutoStone has installed more automotive dealerships nationwide than anyone.
  • AutoStone stocks products for your Subaru dealership construction project.  Whether you contract through a GC or diy (do it yourself), we can respond quicker, faster and deliver a better facility.
  • Our driveseries! floor system is a significant advancement in floor system technology. Include driveseries! in your Subaru service lane.
  • With AutoStone, you have the proven automotive flooring industry expert.
  • Better products, better approach and better results.