NREDI Program.

Nissan was early to identify how a positive automotive retail environment generates greater customer satisfaction, repeat business and brand loyalty.  Developing better dealership facilities that deliver consistent, positive consumer experiences, while improving franchise operations remain core goals for Nissan and its retail partners.

Your shop is an extension of your showroom. 

Nissan recognizes that the value of their brand also depends upon the exceptional service provided by their dealership retailers.  Your shop is an extension of your showroom and an essential component needed to deliver a successful service experience.  Tidy shops with clean floors and uniformed technicians are important identifiers that signal a dealer’s commitment to quality service.  Your service department and its’ appearance impacts your customers perception of both the value and the service provided.

Temporary coatings or permanent floors?

When you are selecting floor options for the shop area, make sure you select a permanent floor solution.   Temporary coatings like epoxy or sealed concrete may be initially less, but end-up costing the most because they have a short life cycle.

Temporary coatings will show poorly soon after installation and use.  Not with a permanent AutoStone floor.  AutoStone floors will remain in like-new condition with standard dealership cleaning practices.  Why showcase your service department with a coating that not only needs to be replaced ever 4-to-6 years, but degrades year-after-year and month-after-month?

Comparing and analyzing costs.  (click here)

When comparing the costs of a temporary “epoxy coating” against a permanent floor from AutoStone, new construction costs can range from $ 2 to $ 4 dollars more psf (per square foot) for an AutoStone permanent floor.  However, when measured over a 5-year window and one resurfacing, AutoStone will provide your dealership significant value and on-going savings.

When it comes to resurfacing your floor in an operating shop facility, the greater costs incurred are the one associated with the disruption and lost service revenue due to re-applying temporary coatings.  When you are considering resurfacing your shop floor for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time or more, the biggest cost you face is the loss of on-going service revenue.  You might think that the costs to constantly resurface these temporary coatings over-and-again are your highest cost, but they are not.  The continual loss of crucial service revenue is your biggest expense, which can never be made-up.

Never shut down while we renovate.  (click here)

No need to shut down service operations, we renovate while you operate.  We are the experts in renovation construction methods for automotive shop facilities.  With AutoStone, our business was built on providing the right permanent floor system for your shop facility.  With AutoStone, we renovate your shop with a plan that keeps your service department operational and generating money.  Our Enviroshop floor system is a 1/2″ up from grade when installed.  This makes us ideal for renovations as well as new construction.  Installing flat floors with proper drainage are more readily achievable with an AutoStone Floor System.

We develop a plan that minimizes disruption to your business.  If your project requires, we offer night hours (for a small upcharge).  Our standard pricing includes flex-hours so we can meet your requirements and service department operational demands.

AutoStone Floor Systems is the company that created the permanent shop floor.  AutoStone has perfected the process that enables our floors to be retrofitted into your service department with minimal impact on your operations.

Why AutoStone is better than any “tile” product.

AutoStone is a “floor system” and not just a tile.  Your shop is an industrial application and both the product demands and installation standards for tile include only “commercial” applications.  After almost 20-years of experience, we know that “commercial” standards do not address the demands your service environment faces.

AutoStone has written the book on automotive shop floors.  Every step, every product and every tile needs to be installed the AutoStone way.  We can say this because we back-up our installations with our seven 7-year warranty (click here).  We warrant your floor to be void of broken or cracked tiles for 7-years after installation* (see warranty for details and specifics).

Our Enviroshop and driveseries! floor systems are engineered, designed and built specifically by AutoStone for your dealership service facility.  They have unique and specific properties that when combined with our installation materials, methods and labor provide you the right floor for your service facility.

All our service department floor systems include AutoStone “Bright” technology.  Bright finish is proprietary to AutoStone Floor Systems.  Bright provides many benefits to your shop and service drive floor system.  Bright aids dealers with their cleaning practices.  Bright provides better reflective light and provides a camouflaging benefit.

Bright – a permanent cleaning aide.  (click here)

Bright is an ultra-cleanable enhancement baked-in during the manufacturing process.  This product feature lasts for the life of your floor system and is not a coating that must be replaced every few years.

Bright provides an impervious (non-absorptive) surface finish that retards rubber-transfer from today’s softer, higher silicon based tires.  From the service lane to the shop floor, your customer’s tires will track across your floor surface.  The more texture on your floor surface, the more transfer you most likely will have.  An aggressively textured surface will grab more rubber transfer.

Because your AutoStone shop and service drive floors come with the Bright finish, this rubber transfer is easier to remove and keep clean.  Dirt, grime, grease and other contaminants cannot permanently stain an AutoStone tile with the Bright finish.  Watch our video demonstration that shows how a permanent marker will not permanently stain either an AutoStone Enviroshop or driveseries! tile.

Other tile (non-AutoStone) products track and hold-on to the rubber transfer.  It shows up initially as tire tracking on the floor.  Over a short time, these tiles become darker and darker because the surface is holding on to the rubber transfer and other contaminants.

This goes from being an aesthetic issue to becoming a slip and fall hazard.  If you can’t readily clean your floor due to the surface texture holding on to rubber transfer, dirt, grease and grime; it remains on the floor and becomes a slip and fall hazard when activated by moisture.

Dealers still need to maintain proper cleaning practices.  However, with Bright finish, dealerships are better able to maintain their floors with this cleaning aid that lasts for the life of the floor.

The benefit of reflective light.

Bright finish also increases light reflection which provides the added benefit of increased lighting in your service facility and service drive.  Well-lit facilities rank higher in CSI ratings and is preferred by today’s service technicians.  Poorly lit service departments are a negative.  AutoStone improves makes your service department with cleaner floors, brighter environments and satisfied employees.

Because Bright reflects light so well, it also camouflages daily tracked dirt and grime.  The bottom line is a shop or service drive with Bright finish looks better throughout the day and enhances the beauty of your facility.  Permanent floors built with advanced surface technology.

Addressing the details.  (click here)

AutoStone addresses all of the important details, because they matter.  What are the details?  They are addressing all the transitions your floor will have with drains, lifts, doors and clean-outs.  It’s knowing the right and proven solution that can only be vetted by almost 20-years of installation experience and expertise in the automotive shop world.

 Experts in automotive shop floors and installation.  (click here)

We are experts in renovation construction methods that minimize disruption to your ongoing service operations.  The floor system we deliver is designed and built specifically for automotive shop floor environments.

Depending on your project size and scope of work, your project will be manned with a full or part-time site supervisor.  At all times, you will have excellent Project Management support, trained installers led by an English speaking Crew Chief.  All AutoStone installers are trained in the AutoStone way, which allows us to extend our (7) seven year warranty.

For every Nissan project, AutoStone provides a high degree of project management support to help you.  Most projects can be contracted directly with and managed by AutoStone Floor Systems.  Automotive is a specialty which requires a high degree of experience.  AutoStone provides you that experience and assurance your project will satisfy you the automotive dealer.

You will receive professionalism with a high degree of attention to detail.  The management leading AutoStone is trained in collaborative conflict resolution.  At all times, our goal is to move forward and toward a successful project conclusion.

AutoStone is more than a product.  AutoStone includes people, processes, project management, quality construction and excellent results.  Construction and project management is a core value and strength.

Choosing AutoStone for your shop floor project.  (click here)

AutoStone Floor Systems wants to be the company you contact to help your dealership renovate your service area floor.  With a finite period of time (usually about 2-months) to start a plan to address your shop floor, many questions need to be addressed.  AutoStone Floor Systems will provide dealers a path to success and one that resolves shop flooring issues once and for all.

The origin of AutoStone was founded on building an affordable, permanent and visually pleasing shop floor system.  Let us show you why we are the leading floor system provider for your dealership project.

AutoStone controls the entire process so we can deliver you a better product.  Turnkey solution for better results.