Building an EBE compliant Chevrolet branded dealership

When building an EBE Chevrolet branded facility, build it with an AutoStone brand floor system.  When it comes to the purchase of EBE compliant Chevrolet showroom, service drive and shop floors, AutoStone is your best choice.  AutoStone manufactures and installs permanent porcelain floors for your showroom, service drive and shop areas.  AutoStone was built on the premise that your shop is an extension of your showroom.  An AutoStone floor is an investment in a permanent floor that last for the life of your dealership.  Never resurface your shop or service drive again with an AutoStone with an investment that pays a lifetime.

Chevrolet showroom tile with Bright finish

AutoStone provides our Chevrolet brand facilities our “Bright” finish for your showroom floor.  This is an alternate to your natural | matte finished tile in the showroom.  Many dealers have used other products that have proven to have stained when wheel bright or other products are used.  Bright finish by AutoStone eliminates these issues.

Building a dual badge facility

AutoStone offers your dual branded facility one floor system platform that integrates your entire showroom floor into one monolithic size.  Previously, tile suppliers provided one size tile for Chevrolet and a different size tile for your Buick-GMC facility.  With AutoStone, we provide you not only one size tile for both brands, but the same size rectified tile so you can use them side-by-side throughout the entire showroom.

Your grout lines will follow from the Chevrolet end of your dealership to the Buick-GMC end of your facility.  AutoStone provides you the best solution for your entire dealership facility.  AutoStone provides every Chevrolet dealers a single source for floors throughout your entire facility.

Safer, smarter, better – the driveseries! by AutoStone

Choosing an AutoStone driveseries! service drive helps you manage risk better.  AutoStone floors are designed, manufactured and installed specifically for the automotive dealership facility.

The driveseries!  is the result of many years spent studying the impact flooring systems have in customer contact areas.  More people slip and fall in the service lane than anywhere in the dealership.  Those people who fall are most likely to be your customers.

Many things influence how this risk should be addressed such as, facility design, exposure to weather elements and dealership practices.  However, when it comes to selecting the floor, driveseries! provides the you a better surface design and product to manage risk.

Managing risk in the service drive

AutoStone studies have shown that there needs to be a different approach when addressing service drives as compared to service/shop work areas.  AutoStone studies show the majority of slip-and-fall accidents occur during the process of customers exiting their vehicles and heading toward service advisor stations.  This lead to the creation of the driveseriesproduct.

When all risk is correctly evaluated and measured, the driveseries! provides you a better tool to manage slip and fall risk in the customer service lane.

No surface and no tile is slip proof.  You must consider many things when selecting a floor surface such as:  facility design, protection from weather, cleaning practices, dealership management practices, floor slope, customer interaction and many, many other things.  Tile is just one component to consider when addressing slip and fall concerns.

Advanced surface technology

The driveseries! surface is unique in design and function.  The surfaces’ line pattern allows water to channel off the tile faster than other textured tiles.  Fast moisture migration is an important component in reducing slip and fall risk.

Additionally, the line patterns rise provide excellent grip for the soles of shoes.  These lines extend above the surface plane, so traction points are above areas where moisture migration occurs.

Bright finish – ultra-cleanable technology

The driveseries! includes AutoStone’s proprietry “Bright Finish” which aids dealership cleaning practices.  Bright is the best resource to help address issues related to rubber transfer from today’s softer, higher silicon based tires.  The surface is built with superior technology that helps keep your floors looking beautiful.

Creating the concierge level service

A service drive built with the driveseries! creates the right impression for your customer year-after-year.  With proper cleaning practices, your service drive can look like the day it was installed.  Temporary coatings degrade every time a vehicle drives on an epoxy or sealed concrete finish.  Other tiles don’t aid your dealership cleaning practices.  Only an AutoStone floor looks clean, uniform and professional for the life of your dealership.

The shop is an extension of the showroom

Successful imaging programs distinguish the value of their brand with exceptional service provided by their dealership retailers.  Your shop is an extension of your showroom and is an essential component needed to create brand loyalty.

Well-lit service facilities, bright lights, uniformed technicians and branding graphics are important identifiers of successful service facilities.  Dealers who build service facilities which showcase their commitment to service will generate more life-long, brand and dealer-loyal customers.  Your service department and its’ appearance says more to your customer than all your marketing and advertising combined.

When an AutoStone shop floor is installed, it is 1/2” up from grade.  This makes it practical for renovations and new builds.  Level floors that properly slope to drain are more achievable with the Enviroshop system.  Enviroshop by AutoStone is ideal for new construction while being readily retrofitted into existing service facilities.

Our construction methods and project management experts make AutoStone the best solution for any automotive project.  AutoStone is affordable and only about 35% more than temporary coatings like epoxy which only last 3-5 years between cycles of replacement.

Ask for AutoStone for a better built Chevrolet facility.