BMW Motorrad image program.

BMW is recognized worldwide for its premium products, services and places. The BMW Motorrad dealer network plays an important role in ensuring a premium BMW client experience.  A large part of this premium brand experience is a consistent look and feel of the dealer network.

AutoStone Floor Systems has been selected to be your floor tile provider.  AutoStone is a leading national floor system supplier to the automotive, motorcycle and other specialty retail brand industry.  AutoStone supports your program with inventory and exceptional logistic and materials management support.  We are here to help you with these CI approved floor materials.

BMW Motorrad USA Corporate Identity.

The new showroom design is more than just a place to display products and accessories.  It provides a vibrant meeting point for motorcyclists where they can share their passion with like-minded riders.  The atmosphere is high-quality with materials and elements that are authentic and premium.  The dynamic motorcycle presentation in a curved formation, Ride and Style gear, apparel and accessory displays convey the fascination of the riding experience and offer an optimum customer consultation environment and community spirit.

AutoStone has a long standing, successful relationship supporting the BMW Motorrad CI program and the dealer network.  We are your tile flooring experts.  Our goal is to make this process:  easy, transparent, informative, timely and affordable!

Transparency for BMW USA and dealer network.

Through the direction of BMW USA, all information related to pricing, quoting, materials, inventory and all aspects of AutoStone supplied floor tile are to be transparent and visible to the dealer network and their appointed representatives.  .

Transparency provides BMW Motorrad USA dealers the assurance that they are being properly supported, priced and serviced.  Transparency also reinforces the CI “best faith” budgets provided from BMW USA to their dealer network.  Because every dealer is making a significant financial investment in their facilities, which reinforces the BMW Motorrad brand, AutoStone supports this goal and objective.

How to purchase your materials:

  1. Send plans:

Please forward us the plans you have received from Shive-Hattery (CI brand architect).  We use those plans to provide you an estimate for the materials necessary for your project.  Send your plans to:

Please provide some information about your project, such as:

  • Is this an existing facility renovation or a new build?
  • When do you anticipate needing materials?
  • Is there a loading dock for the delivery of this material? If not, do you want a lift-gate on the truck that will deliver your materials (this is an additional cost)?
  • Will you provide a fork-lift for the off-loading of this material? Tile is very, very heavy and must be loaded and un-loaded with a fork-lift.
  • Provide all billing and shipping information so we can correctly identify your project, delivery address and legal business entity name, etc.
  • Contact name for delivery of materials.
  • Contact name of person(s) you want to include in our communication threads (emails, phone numbers, etc.).
  1.  Materials count/quantity

Your quote will include 10% more than the actual square footage identified on your project.  That is because you need this additional material to account for:  overages, waste and attic stock.  Your tile is 24” x 24”, which is considered a “large format tile”, and your installers may not get the full yield of each tile due to cuts required to install your floor.

It is always a good thing to have a few additional boxes in stock.  If/when you have a broken tile after you move in, you will have matching materials readily available to address your repair.  Additionally, you may have a future “move|add|change” that requires you to tear out tile or add tile.  You will want the same dye-lot and calibrated tile size for those future events.

While this is tile is a hearty material when installed, tiles do break, crack and/or chip when transported.  A small amount of tile may break in transport or even when handled after received on your jobsite.

We always recommend that you have your GC and/or tile contractor review the plans and quote supplied by AutoStone, which is based on the plans you received from your brand architect (Shive-Hattery).  We firmly believe in the “measure twice, cut once” philosophy.  This step should not cost you anything and a good tile installation contractor will provide this service as part of their base services.

  1. Securing your materials

While we inventory materials to support BMW Motorrad USA dealers, we may not always have materials you need for immediate shipment.  It is always best to contact AutoStone as soon as possible and request a quote.  Based on your projected start date, we order materials in anticipation of BMW project starts.  However, this materials supply program is based on a “first-in, first-to-ship” basis.  If someone requests their order ahead of your project, we will ship materials based on their fully completed contract.

We suggest you place your order as early as possible so we can hold your materials for you and deliver when needed.  We will work with you to develop a plan for success.

  1. Payment and terms

To place your order, we request you (or your representative) to:  confirm all aspects of your order (delivery date, address, etc. – all those things on the quote we sent you).  If there need to be changes and/or revisions, we need to capture that initially and get a correct order contract for you (or your representative) to sign.   Either fax (214-292-9387) or email: – your signed agreement.

We need to you to include confirmation of payment when the order is placed.  That can be a scanned copy of your check for payment in full (at time of ordering) or we can provide you a credit card authorization form.  Please note:  a signed quote – without payment in full – is not a contract for materials.  We must have payment in full in order to hold and/or ship your materials.

If you want to use a credit card for convenience, there is a 4.75% fee added to the materials contract amount.  We hate this and suggest you don’t use your credit card.  Our merchant services division charges us this rate (and sometime more) due to the fact this transaction occurs without actually swiping your card (thus categorized as a higher risk).

We will accept your scanned copy of check in full and start the processing of your order and shipment.


We greatly appreciate your business and look forward to your new BMW Motorrad facility completion.  If you have any post-installation photographs to share that show our floor system in the image, we would appreciate it.

Actual photography is shared with the other BMW Motorrad dealers so they can learn and benefit from your story and facility.

We look forward to helping you with your facility project!

Where to find us.

You will find AutoStone listed on your CI book that lists all the required vendors that are approved for use in your facilities.  AutoStone works closely with your BMW Motorrad approved Architect, Shive-Hattery.

You can also find your BMW Motorrad brand program documents to the right side of this page, under the category:  PROGRAM DOCUMENTS.  Each document is a PDF that you can review and/or download.

Thank you for your business!