Bright ultra-cleanable finish

Bright finish is proprietary to AutoStone Floor Systems.  Bright provides many benefits to your shop and service drive floor system.  Bright aids dealers with their cleaning practices.  Bright provides better reflective light and provides a camouflaging benefit.

Bright – a permanent cleaning aide

Bright is an ultra-cleanable enhancement baked-in during the manufacturing process.  This product feature lasts for the life of your floor system and is not a coating that must be replaced every few years.

Bright provides an impervious (non-absorptive) surface finish that retards rubber-transfer from today’s softer, higher silicon based tires.  From the service lane to the shop floor, your customer’s tires will track across your floor surface.  The more texture on your floor surface, the more transfer you most likely will have.  An aggressively textured surface will grab more rubber transfer.

Because your AutoStone shop and service drive floors come with the Bright finish, this rubber transfer is easier to remove and keep clean.  Dirt, grime, grease and other contaminants cannot permanently stain an AutoStone tile with the Bright finish.

Watch our video demonstration that shows how a permanent marker will not permanently stain either an AutoStone Enviroshop or driveseries! tile.  Bright is a very important feature unique to AutoStone Floor Systems.

Other non-AutoStone products track and hold-on to the rubber transfer.  It shows up initially as tire tracking on the floor.  Over a short time, non-AutoStone tiles become darker and darker because the surface is holding on to the rubber transfer and other contaminants.

This goes from being an aesthetic issue to becoming a slip and fall hazard.  If you can’t readily clean your floor due to the surface texture holding on to rubber transfer, dirt, grease and grime; it remains on the floor and becomes a slip and fall hazard when activated with moisture.

Dealers still need to maintain proper cleaning practices.  However, with Bright finish, dealerships are better able to maintain their floors with this cleaning aid that lasts for the life of the floor.

The benefit of reflective light – with Bright

Bright finish also increases light reflection which provides the added benefit of increased lighting in your service facility and service drive.  Well-lit facilities rank higher in CSI ratings and is preferred by today’s service technicians.  Poorly lit service departments are a negative.  AutoStone improves makes your service department with cleaner floors, brighter environments and satisfied employees.

Because Bright reflects light so well, it also camouflages daily tracked dirt and grime.  The bottom line is a shop or service drive with Bright finish looks better throughout the day and enhances the beauty of your facility.

Permanent floors built with advanced surface technology.  Bright finish by AutoStone is your best shop floor and service drive floor system choice.

Slip-resistant technology for better service lanes and service departments

Slip-resistant, textured floor surfaces are very important.  Different areas require a different approach to the type of texture you should use.  Equally important is how the texture is manufactured and how it performs in real dealership use must be considered.  The surface you choose is one of the most important tools you have to manage the risk associated with slip and fall accidents.

ANSI A137 slip-and-fall standard

When the ANSI A137 slip-and-fall standard came out in late 2013, it signaled the need for the greater importance all parties must consider when recommending and/or requiring flooring products in automotive dealerships.  Specifically this standard impacts service drives and the service department work areas in automotive dealerships.

A new testing standard was established which differed from previously established practices.  The new standard states this impacts areas: “where the presence of water on installed tiles (including standing water; oil, grease, and/or any other elements) which reduce traction, creates slippery conditions where the risk of slip cannot be completely eliminated.”

AutoStone has two products that we recommend you consider and review with your architect:  Enviroshop (for shop areas) and the driveseries! (for service lanes).  Both have surface texture and/or tread that meet and pass the ANSI A137 slip-and-fall standard.

Safer, smarter, better – the driveseries! by AutoStone.

The driveseries!  is the result of many years spent studying the impact flooring systems have in customer contact areas.  More people slip and fall in the service lane than anywhere in the dealership.  Those people who fall are most likely to be your customers.

Many things influence how this risk should be addressed such as, facility design, exposure to weather elements and dealership practices.  However, when it comes to selecting the floor, driveseries! provides you a better surface design and product to manage risk.

Managing risk in the service drive

AutoStone studies have shown that there needs to be a different approach when addressing service drives as compared to service/shop work areas.  AutoStone studies show the majority of slip-and-fall accidents occur during the process of customers exiting their vehicles and heading toward service advisor stations.  This lead to the creation of the driveseriesproduct.

Customers are not familiar with service drive floor conditions which include; moisture, oil, grease and a host of other contaminants that may have been tracked in by their or other vehicles.  Many things do contribute to conditions that impact slip and fall risk such as exposure to external weather (blowing rain, sleet, etc.), service drive design (roof coverage, wind/weather shields), floor-drainage conditions, building/facility design and dealership cleaning practices.

When all risk is correctly evaluated and measured, the driveseries! provides you a better tool to manage slip and fall risk in the customer service lane.  The driveseries! has the highest DCOF (dynamic coefficient of friction) test results than any product previously developed by AutoStone Floor Systems.  We recommend you look to the driveseriesby AutoStone for your service drive lane.

Advanced driveseries! surface technology

The driveseries! surface is unique in design and function.  The surfaces’ line pattern allows water to channel off the tile faster than other textured tiles.  Fast moisture migration is an important component in reducing slip and fall risk.

Additionally, the line patterns rise provide excellent grip for the soles of shoes.  These lines extend above the surface plane, so traction points are above areas where moisture migration occurs.

This product provides your dealership a better surface design to help manage the risk associated with slip and fall concerns in the service lane.  The driveseries! from AutoStone gives you a better approach.

Enviroshop surface technology

The Enviroshop surface is unique in design and function.  The surfaces has randomized texture that provides sufficient texture to meet the ANSI A137 standard.  Because our surface texture is fired-in during production, it does not wear off or deteriorate over the life of the dealership.

Temporary coatings that have textured surfaces do wear-off in the near term of use in a service department’s life.  Everything about our Enviroshop floor system is designed to be a permanent fixture for the life of your department.

Enviroshop:  permanence, performance and beauty.

A culture of clean

After reviewing your facility design, current dealership cleaning practices and future facility needs; AutoStone will prove to have great products for you to use.  While ovens and cats are self-cleaning, AutoStone is not.

AutoStone floors are “easy” to clean with our Bright finish, which aids dealership cleaning practices.  However, the amount of texture you choose for your dealership floors will require an appropriate amount of attention when cleaning.

AutoStone floors need to be cleaned on a regular basis to remove the residue and contaminants that fall to the floor.  Gravity spars nothing and eventually all things end-up on the floor.  A good cleaning program will help you maintain your floors so the textured surfaces continue to provide maximum traction to the soles of shoes that walk on them.

In other words, if you leave dirt, grease, oil and other type contaminants on the surface of your floor, it most likely will negatively impact the intended performance of your floor.  Cleaning your floors on a regular basis will help better manage slip and fall risk.  Properly cleaning an AutoStone floor with our textured surface(s) provides you additional added risk management support.

Ask AutoStone today for more information on our “Culture of Clean” philosophy.

Developed to resist staining, shrinkage and cracking through a special formulation of higher density properties. As compared to epoxy or urethane grout an AutoStone pre-sealed grout material provides:

  • High stain resistance, never needs sealing
  • Color accurate and resistant to efflorescent
  • Crack and shrink resistant
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Exceeds ANSI A1118.7 specification
  • Fast setting: open to traffic in 4 hours

Available exclusively through AutoStone installation services.